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Alpine: “Bronze” by Giannis Proios in Montenegro

Asteris Bakas finished 6th with an individual record.

Giannis Proios won the bronze medal at the international alpine race in Kolaζήin, Montenegro. With a total time of 1: 24.73 and 55.14 FIS points in the technical downhill race, our champion from Kastoria won another medal.

The performance of Asteris Bakas was also very good, as in the two races of the technical descent he was ranked 6th and achieved 59.67 and 55.33 points, which are an individual record for FIS points.

Biathlon – IBU Cup: Individual record by Nikos Tsourekas

Nikos Tsourekas had the best performance in the 3rd series of games of the IBU Cup championship held in Obertilliach, Austria (10-19 / 12). Metsovitis is the biathlon champion in the 10 km race. ranked 81st (with a time of 26: 57.7 and 3 missed shots) among the 117 athletes who finished the race. Tsourekas set a new IBU individual record and improved his international ranking.

Apostolos Aggelis with 4 missed shots took the 103rd place.

Our athletes will continue their biathlon in the new year, taking part in the IBU Cup 4 and 5 to be held in Osrblie, Slovakia from 5 to 15 January 2022.