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PAOK-Hatzopoulos: “Is there any thought for a new AMK”

The possibility for PAOK to proceed with a new share capital increase was left open by the “strong man” of the club Thanasis Hatzopoulos

For all the “hot” issues of the basketball team, he spoke in an internet show of the fans of the “biceps” hosted by the “strong man” of PAOK, Thanassis Hatzopoulos.

He referred to the situation that has developed in the team with the coronavirus, developed his thoughts for new AMK in PAOK, while noting that the goal is to have written off the debts of Dikefalos in the next two years.

Details of what Thanasis Hatzopoulos said:

“I went through the whole story painlessly, with only a few pieces and a little fever on the first day. Unfortunately almost the whole team was hit. Only 4 players saved her. Coaches, administration, offices. That’s why we postponed the matches we had in the program. The first thing that will happen is the one with Igokea. I believe most players will catch up, but let’s see what situation we will be in “.

For the consolidation plan:

“Last year with AMK we managed and paid off a large part. This year, with the administration of Mr. Savvidis, we have paid off a part of more than 50% of the suppliers. It was a debt of 620 thousand, which with negotiations we reduced it to 350 thousand and now it has been zeroed!

It was a good move and there are debts to coach, physiotherapist. With the rest of the money we want to close over the wounds. It is close to a million. There are also debts to Macedonia Palace. The tax office is paid every month. They need about 80 thousand a month for the old settings plus the current ones. This in itself is more than just a game budget.

There is in my mind, I do not know if it can be done, maybe we did an AMK again with the participation of the people so that we can fight debt relief faster. Of course the times are difficult. Let me say that in addition to the 500 thousand, Mr. Savvidis also zeroed in on a piece that we had compared to the one of the order of 300 thousand. If we continue like this and if we do another AMK and it succeeds we will be well on our way to zeroing the debts in another 2 years. Only two of the tax arrangements in installments are 100 and 120.

For the team, injuries and misfortune:

“Administratively we have health. Unfortunately, we did not make you happy in racing because since the beginning of the year we have been suffering from racing health. I do not remember so many injuries again. We could not all play together. We also lost Carter, who was a great professional and a great character. We look at the market to strengthen the team, we want to get a player to make a difference, not just to get. We want to bring something good. Of course at Christmas we will all be on the field, instead of missing a player. “Above all is health.”

To support the people:

“PAOK can only proceed this way, as long as there is no major shareholder, only the people can support it! There is no other way. You saw in the match with Aris, the guys took out their souls and won the match, despite the fact that some people doubted. We support the team, I am not afraid of the match “.